The Xander Group is the sponsor of multiple, independent, financial services and real estate businesses and partnerships, based in Singapore and India, including in private equity real estate, private debt, real estate development and operations, and property advisory and management. Xander pioneered foreign investment in real estate in India in 2005, and the PERE firm it subsequently sponsored, is a leading real estate investment manager for that country.

Leveraging its experience, reach, network, and deep knowledge of successfully investing, operating and scaling in the world’s largest emerging market through multiple market cycles, Xander is also an active investor in other emerging markets in traditional as well as tech enabled real estate ventures, retail, entertainment, and hospitality businesses, and new asset management companies.

Xander blends the highest standards of corporate governance, and a hungry localized operational approach, to invest in, help build, and scale, businesses, platforms, and partnerships that generate consistent and long-term returns for stakeholders.

The Xander Group
103 Foulk Rd, Suite 202, Wilmington,
Delaware 19803, US